Retail Food Supply

Retail Fresh Food Supply Elscar Barnsly, Yorkshire

We supply sandwiches and home-made baking to local businesses in the area. All prepared on the premises by our highly trained staff. Make a 40% Profit Today!

Family Bakers for over 10 Years

Retail and Supply

The Cottage Kitchen love creating the finest 'On The Go Food' and it dates back over 10 years now and we have some very happy customers who keep coming back to us for fresh quality food to resell and bring in more profit for their business. We make, pack and distribute fresh and chilled produce to customers all around the Barnsley and Yorkshire area.In that time, we have developed a fresh range of sandwiches and snacks to distribute to our customers. We have a friendly trained team of professionals, proud of what they do, committed to producing quality foods and making our customers happy. And most importantly, we have built strong relationships - and friendships with customers across the Yorkshire area. If you are interested in our Retail Food Supply so you can resell our fresh food and make that extra 40% profit margin, we would love to talk to you.

Customer Support

Fresh and tasty products are nothing without a quality service. Ultimately, The Cottage Kitchen is here to help our customers increase your business profit by 40%! Allowing you to resell our fresh and tasty and also nicely packaged food through our Retail Food Supply service. We Listen, We Plan and We Deliver a quality professional service. If your interested and would like to see free samples and an information booklet with prices about our Retail Food Supply then please do get in touch we are more than happy to help.

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Feel free to contact us at The Cottage Kitchen, We are here to help!